Nieuw: Book & Boards Event op 25/11 • Bekijk de sprekers

Nieuw: Book & Boards Event op 25/11 
Bekijk de sprekers

Nieuw: Book & Boards Event op 25/11 • Bekijk de sprekers

Is ESG/sustainability in executive rewards always authentic?

We have a treat in store for you at this year’s European Executive Reward Conference… We’ll be sharing the results of our annual CEO remuneration study – but as an extra special scoop, we’ll also be presenting findings from our academic study on sustainability in executive rewards too. You won’t want to miss this one!

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance goals are being used more and more when it comes to executives’ bonuses and long-term incentive plans. What is the latest state of affairs? How do companies include ESG targets in executive rewards? What’s driving this? Are firms using these metrics because sustainability is in their DNA? Or is it just because it’s what’s expected of them? And how are shareholders responding to this increasingly prevalent practice?

Join our conference, be informed about the latest trends and research, and join our expert panel of speakers to discuss this along with insights from Vlerick’s own study from the Executive Remuneration Research Centre – in collaboration with the University of Georgia (US).