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Event: Books & Boards (4de editie) op 21/06 • Schrijf je hier in
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Recent trends in the remuneration of executives and directors

The Jean-Pierre Blumberg Chair is pleased to invite you to the conference on remuneration of executives and directors.

Over the last few years, remuneration in public companies has received considerable attention in both academic and public discourse. Several national and international initiatives have reformed remuneration practices to achieve various objectives, including improving shareholder engagement, encouraging active monitoring by (independent) directors, achieving corporate sustainability, and incentivising long-term value creation. Although these trends have had a significant impact on practice, large differences in remuneration practices still exist.

This conference aims to improve the understanding in Belgium of the dynamic topic of remuneration of executives and directors and brings together theory and practice through academic presentations that contain empirical evidence on remuneration practices, and through panel discussion of several prominent practitioners. The conference will be interactive in nature as participants can ask questions after each presentation. The conference will be held in English.


University of Antwerp, Stadscampus
Room s.R.219
Rodestraat 14
2000 Antwerpen, België